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we are all ghosts
by Kevin Lyons
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As I write these liner notes, I reflect on the weekend that I have just had ... a weekend of music ... a weekend of cementing social media friendships with physical bonds ... a weekend where I got to meet in the flesh for the first time, so to speak, three chaps that I greatly admire: the musician - Dave Hughes aka Cousin Silas; the painter - Ade Hodges; and the focus of these notes - musician Kevin Lyons. Believe it or not but Dave and Kevin are the only musicians on weareallghosts that I have...
Topic: ambient
Purchased as part of the Stoddard Design Library collection, 2009. Stamp of A. F. Stoddard & Co. Ltd. on the cover. Missing plates 9, 27. Duplicate plates throughout. Library's copy exhibited at Interwoven Connections: The Stoddard Templeton Design Studio and Design Library, 1843-2005 held at Glasgow School of Art from 9 November 2013-11 January 2014.